Are you living out your deepest purpose?

If you aren't - I have a feeling that you want to align who you truly are on the inside -- with your life on the outside. Become a Leader of Light. We are spiritual, like-minded leaders who are creating real change in this 3D world that we happen to live in.

Leaders of Light: Conscious Entrepreneurs & Changemakers

As Leaders of Light - we are creating incredible, uplifting change in the world through forming businesses, organizations, projects, and initiatives that are for everyone's best and highest good.

Discover Your Purpose

Leaders of Light is unique community. Each week there is a podcast lesson and growthwork to complete. This will help you hone in on why you were born.

Change Your Life

Lessons will force you to dig deep and change who you were to who you want to become. From meditations, to taking new forms of actions, to overall up-leveling your way of living.

Change the World

Now that you know your purpose and have your life structures in place - you are set to give your gifts to others. By doing whatever you are made to do - you will be more fulfilled than ever, and live a life of abundance.

Are you a Leader of Light?

  • You realize that you create your own reality.
  • You are becoming aware of your negative, unconscious patterns that shaped your past; and are choosing to change.
  • You have a deep yearning to live your life's actual purpose.
  • You want to create real positive change on this planet through serving and helping.
  • You realize that spirituality, wealth, and abundance can be in the same sentence.

What Leaders of Light are Learning Each Week

  • Balancing your life structures: money, career, relationships, health, and community.
  • Healing your physical body of chronic pain, ailments, or recurring illnesses.
  • Meditations, breathing, and energy work for more power and connection.
  • How to launch a successful conscious business, with intelligent systems, marketing, and structure.
  • Understanding abundance, emotions, and overcoming the challenges we are faced with.

About the Organizer

Michael Hodge has been a conscious entrepreneur for over a decade. He is the founder of the Global Martial Arts University (a leading online martial arts school), and the steward of The Abundance Projects. He also runs a kids-only private martial arts academy in North Texas. Michael is the host of the Leaders of Light podcast, organizer of the community, and leads the movement. Michael is committed to helping every Leader of Light shine bright while living through divine qualities, and changing the world for the better.

Michael Hodge

Leader of Light

The Podcast

Every episode is a life-altering lesson, coupled with growthwork. Join the Leaders of Light Community to complete your growthwork, with the powerful accountability of others around you! Some episodes also feature interviews with real-life Leaders of Light from our community. Replace some of your social media scrolling with this podcast and be amazed and the results.

Join the Leaders of Light Community Now

As a Leader of Light - you get to interact with everyone on the community forum, complete weekly growthwork, and change the world - together.

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